Trekell Brushes {E} Artist Collective Product Review


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Trekell Brushes for quite some time now so we decided to conduct a product review. We thought what a perfect chance for our two communities to join forces. Trekell was kind enough to supply our favorite tattooers and fine artists with a generous amount of brushes to review.

Check out what the artists in the {E} Artist Collective thought of Trekell!

“When it comes to my tools, I like to use nothing but the best and Trekell brushes are what I chose to use.” – ALEX GARCIA

“The thing I like most about Trekell brushes is that they’re real. They really work, they’re really good brushes for a really good price. They don’t fall apart and they get the job done. I used them before I knew they were cool and I used them before I knew they were a brand. I feel brushes at the art store with my fingers – that’s how I what I paint with. If they feel right in my hands, then I get them and paint with them, if they hold up and don’t leave hairs on my paintings, I buy more. I love Trekell brushes because they do what I need them to do and they do it well.– JEFF GOGUE

“Every time I am going to start a new painting I trust Trekell brushes. They are high quality brushes. They never leave bristles in my paintings. They’re definitely my favorite paint brushes to use.” – NIKKO HURTADO

“The Legion Synthetic Mongoose series are a fantastic set of brushes.  From flat to round and filbert in between, these brushes are versatile and long lasting.  Not only do these smooth bristles make for a soft application, but they have the right amount of resistance that when you apply pressure, they flick back to their original form.  It’s hard to find a brush with both grace and strength, but Trekell hits the mark.” – JACUB GAGNON

“I have been a fan of Trekell brushes since I first discovered them. I recently took some on a trip to a tattoo show in Germany where I was going to be painting live. As usual, they helped me get the job done. I primarily use the hog hair filberts but for this review, I decided to try out some flats as well. The flats, like the filberts I usually use, really hold up well and hold a lot of paint. Rarely do I find a stray hair in them. They last as long- or longer- than a lot of more expensive brushes I have tried. I honestly can’t see any difference between the more established name brand brushes. I do also like the fact that they are made in the USA. It seems like nothing else is these days. I pretty much only use Trekell hog bristle brushes these days. The price is definitely right. I highly recommend them!”  – CHET ZAR

“I had the opportunity to tour the Trekell factory and see exactly how the brushes were made. It was amazing to see that the entire process was accomplished by hand. I was even more amazed to see how much work went into each brush! I’ve worked with their brushes for about 8 months now and could not be happier with the results. They are extremely durable, and versatile. The best brushes I have ever used!” – JAMIE SCHENE

“I’ve never been able to afford high quality brushes and I can see now how my paintings have suffered as a result.  These brushes are affordable so I know I can buy more without breaking the bank.” – JJ POFF

“These brushes are unparalleled! There is no other brush company in existence today that makes these soft, springy, amazingly natural (but synthetic) brushes. I use them for very detailed work were control is absolutely imperative. They stay intact after many uses which is very rare for this type of hair and out perform all others. I now use them for every painting.” – DEREK HARRISON 

“The Legion mongoose synthetics by Trekell are among my favorites in the brush can, and I find myself doing a great deal of my work with them. There is nothing like the buttery glide and long stroke I can get with these brushes. They are wonderfully soft, but also have the springy resistance that I need.” – STEPHEN CEFALO

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Trekell Brushes {E} Artist Collective Product Review