{E} Interviews Tattoos Cure Cancer Adam Goyot

{E} Interview with Tattoos Cure Cancer Founder and Owner of Eternal Art Tattoo Adam Guyot

Interview by Christina Diaz

After losing his father to lung cancer in 2004, owner of Eternal Art Tattoo, Adam Guyot had a dream that night – and saw a t-shirt that read “Tattoos Cure Cancer.” Years later this late night inspiration would fuel Adam to create his non-profit Tattoos Cure Cancer, a movement dedicated to spreading awareness and raising proceeds to help fund cancer research and treatment.

Keep reading to find out more about Adam’s crusade against cancer and how YOU can get involved!

Q: When did your crusade against cancer begin? Tell us about Tattoos Cure Cancer.

A: In 2004, after losing my father to lung cancer, I saw a t-shirt in a dream I had that said, “TATTOOS CURE CANCER.” It was just bold white letters on a black shirt that looked like the old Frankie Says Relax shirts from the 80’s. When I woke up I knew it was something that could be used to raise money for cancer research and that I would have to figure out a way to do that. Someday. Years went by and I told a few people here and there about it and every person I told was very excited and thought it was a great idea, but I had no clue about starting up a non profit organization and it seemed too daunting so I kept it on the back burner. In 2011, we did a breast cancer fundraiser for a Relay For Life team at my shop Eternal Art Tattoo. We had 5 artists doing $20.00 breast cancer ribbons and in 12 hours raised almost $5000.00. Again I was inspired by the potential of what could accomplished by getting some likeminded artists together and using our craft to give back. Then I thought of the merchandise and of having different tattoo artists design shirts and prints so that it could continue to raise money 365 days a year instead of just when a benefit is thrown. It began to pick up a little more steam for me and finally in 2013 everything came together and I was finally able to achieve an almost decade long dream and Tattoos Cure Cancer was official.

Q: What is your purpose behind TCC?

A: The original idea ten years ago was to raise money for cancer research. Now that we are actually donating money, we have kind of shifted gears. The money from our first event went directly to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Pediatric Cancer Ward and we will always continue our involvement with them, but I want to try to directly help people who are dealing with this disease. I know people have very curable and very survivable cancers and just don’t have the means to get the treatment that could save their life. How awesome would it be if this industry we all love could facilitate them getting that treatment? That’s what our main goal is, and through every tattoo done and shirt sold we are doing exactly that.

Q: Tell us about your slogan.

A: The slogan “Tattoos Cure Cancer” came from the shirt I saw in the dream I had and when the we filed for our non-profit status, it must have raised a red flag. About a week after filing the papers I received a phone call from Sacramento asking what I was trying to do. The very rude lady on the phone thought I was trying to dupe people at their most desperate time and tell them that I had some magical tattoo that could cure cancer. I quickly explained to her that was the furthest thing from what we are about and told her about the dream I had and explained that it means that tattooing as a community, artists, collectors, enthusiasts, can all be a part of something way bigger than ourselves and make great things happen. We were granted our 501 c3 non profit status immediately and that same lady couldn’t have been sweeter.

Q: How has the tattoo community been involved in Tattoos Cure Cancer?

A: Everyone in the tattoo community that I have talked to has been amazing. Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Workhorse Irons, Waverly Color Company, Deathless Cords, Rinsecup, and Mike Pike have all helped us out immensely with our events. We already have quite an impressive collection of Tattooers working with us at our events and donating TCC designs. So far we have shirts by myself, Jeremy Miller, Greg James, Don Chuck Carvahlo, Adam Fuqua, Keet D’Arms, and Christian Nyguen. With future plans from Jojo Ackermann, BJ Betts, Robert Atkinson, and Yanni Vera in the works and hopefully many more to come.

Q: Tell us about how people have connected healing and art.

A: I know my art has given me everything that I have. It keeps a roof over my head and feeds my family. Tattoos are many different things to people. Some have deep meaning and some just look cool. But every person I have ever tattooed through TCC has some special reason. Whether its for themselves or someone they know, there is a special connection to art and healing.

Q: How can shops and artists become involved in TCC?

A: As of right now we are looking for shops interested in hosting a Tattoos Cure Cancer event or for artists to volunteer their time at one or at one of out convention stops. We are working on an app that will allow artists to download our TCC Flash and donate the proceeds through the app. Once the app is done, we will make that the official way to pay for a TCC tattoo and that will weed out the scumbags that have unfortunately preyed on people saying they are doing TCC tattoos and then pocketing the money.

Q: Tell us about your personal tattoo collection.

A: My personal tattoo collection consists of some early scratcher stuff from the first 5 years of my tattoo career that I am trying to laser off to collect better art. After that, I got smart and got tattooed by Greg James, Little Vinnie Meyers, Mike Pike, Jojo Ackermann, Chris Witty, Adam Mesmer, Robert Atkinson, Justin Larson, Norm, Adam Fuqua, Jeremy Miller, and the late Tennessee Dave James.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I find inspiration in so many things. My children inspire my constantly to do and be better. There are so many amazing artist in the tattoo community these days that it is hard to pick a few. But everyone who is putting in the work and giving it their best.

Follow Tattoos Cure Cancer on Instagram@tattooscurecancer and visit www.tattooscurecancer.com for more information!

{E} Interviews Tattoos Cure Cancer Adam Goyot