by Out of Step Books

When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to collect Garbage Pail Kids cards and pogs. I thought they were the coolest! After school my friends and I would all get together and compare our newest finds. When Out of Step Books unveiled their Tattoo Titans Trading Card Sets I immediately thought to myself, “How cool! When I was a kid we didn’t have trading cards like these!”

Owners of Out of Step Books, Jinxi and Steve Caddell have created something fun and unique for the art community. What I love about these cards, is that not only are they reasonably priced but they’re for EVERYONE, all ages! When I was looking at the deck, my little one sat down next to me and began admiring the beautiful artwork each card encompassed. Like me, he had a hard time deciding which card was his favorite! – Christina Diaz, {E} Editor in Chief

Limited to only 300 sets, the deck of 50 cards each feature a diverse array of artists and tattoo styles, displaying a tattoo on the front of the card, with each artist’s photo and “stats” on the backside. Each set comes in a case and is hand-numbered on the back card.

The goal in creating this trading card series is to honor tattoo artists around the world and their outstanding work, by offering a collectible item that tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike can have fun with, learn from, and support each other with a little bit different twist than the norm.

The second set is currently in production and Out of Step Books has plans to create several other parts to the series, including booster packs, bonus cards, chaser cards, puzzle cards, and more. They retail for $25 and can be purchased at

Tattoo Trading Cards – Product Review