Scotch Tape on Your Face Portrait Series – By Wes Naman

by Christina Diaz

Medium: Photography

A New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman has evolved his portraits with tape in his personal project called “Scotch Tape,” a series that features subjects distorting the everyday face portrait. Wes Naman and the subjects worked out facial distortions , (e.g. bending the nose, twisting the lips, stretching the eyebrows), and then uses scotch tape on your face to hold the distorted features into place. To really capture the expression of the subjects in this Scotch tape on your face portrait series, Wes Naman then shoots the subjects as they are trying to remove the tape to really capture a visual uniqueness.

Artist like Wes Naman show that the evolution of your art is dictated by the direction you drive it. To see the simplicity of your everyday office supply like  “Scotch Tape,” be able to change the face (no pun intended) of your portrait series is truly what the {E-VOLVED} art r{e}volution is based on. Scotch tape on your face is a childhood pass time and its simplicity applied to the Portrait series has created a unique distortion.

Keep up on this work in progress series of – Scotch Tape on the Face Portrait ‘s by  Wes Naman’s on his website, or follow him on Facebook

Scotch Tape on Your Face Portrait Series – By Wes Naman