Prophets & Poets {E} Artists Feature

by Christina Diaz

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Prophets & Poets welcomes those of you who would share in this trust, and encourage you to do the same. The torch has been passed to us, the artist and the musician, the thinker and the doer; the Prophets & Poets of our generation. We’ve been given the privilege of propelling the thoughts, writings and imagery of those who have come before us, on to future generations. We are links in a great chain, weaving past to present and time yet to come. Let’s not forget that while our individual efforts may fail, we are part of a larger voice and what we do matters.

Prophets & Poets is a collective. It’s not about who’s in and who’s not. It’s not exclusive, but our belief is that not everyone sees the world in this way. Life has a way of drawing like-minded people together by their own accord. We are inspired, we attempt to create things that we do not yet fully understand. We’re fascinated by that which we cannot fully comprehend. We may never have the answers, but believe that we have something to offer the world. If nothing else, to remind you that standing up for what you believe in, even when others would oppose you, is courageous and well worth it in the end.

To compromise your creative integrity is foolish. To reduce your talents to a mere mimicry of greater talent is a waste of time. Be original. Be wrong. Be looked at strangely, for all great things must first wear terrifying masks before they can inscribe themselves upon the hearts of humanity.

Dare to venture past the fork in the road and go straight; in your own line.

This is our line. These are our statements. It’s what motivates, inspires, and drives us to do what it is that we do.

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Prophets & Poets {E} Artists Feature