Nick Bertioli {E} Tattoo & Fine Artist Feature

by: Christina Diaz

Meet Nick Bertioli, a UK tattooer who has been tattooing for 4 years. Currently tattooing in Canada, Nick’s work is a lovely mix of symbolism, esotericism. It’s gothic, dark, and spiritual. Inspired by monochrome and high-contrast photography, the Victorian fashion and architecture. “I like to read about esotericism and mysticism it is a big source of inspiration to me. I’ve been studying Astrology on my own for years now and I think that has influenced not only my art but my life as well.

He used to do screen printing and has a diploma, and admits that if he wasn’t tattooing that’s what he would be doing, “and If I ever stop I’ll probably be playing music full time and doing illustrations. Well by the looks of it Nick has a long artistic future ahead of him tattooing and creating, keep reading to learn more about Nick’s aesthetic journey! – Christina Diaz

Q: What, or who, got you interested in art?
A: As a kid I was amazed by the Ancient world, the Incas/Aztec, the Egyptian, and Greek mythology. I still am. I love watching this kinda stuff. In my mid 20’s I started playing music and that was the main reason I got into doing illustrations for bands. Even though I’ve always had an attraction to fine art I discovered a lot through tattooing. I like to say it enlarged my vision of creating art. I love the psychedelic art movement, Impressionism, Renaissance, Rococo movement, Sculpture.

Q: Were you artistic as a child?
A: Yea, I think I was. Every child likes to and destroy. I used to draw every once in a while, I tried painting as well, I loved to build things with wood, like toys etc. But I was more into skateboarding and surfing in my teen years.

Q: Are you self-taught or did you attend a trade school?
A: I’m self taught but I wish I did go to art school, it definitely would have helped a lot in the process of making art. Sometimes I wish I had the knowledge or knew which technique I should use.

Q: Tell us how you got into the industry. How long have you been tattooing?
A: A friend of mine had built a homemade tattoo gun and I wanted to try and see how it feels to tattoo yourself so I did a little script above my knee and when my friends saw it some of them wanted to get something done. After a few tattoos I decided to get a professional tattoo machine. Luckily I was already getting my sleeve done at an established tattoo shop. I kept practicing from home for a bit and started working at a street shop. I’ve been established for 4 years now.

Q: How has your art e-volved over the years?
A: Tattooing taught me a lot about art in general, when I started I used to tattoo scripts only, I couldn’t draw. I really sucked at it, but I quickly found myself able to reproduce pictures on skin and thats why I specialized in Black and Grey realism, long hrs working at a street shop helped a lot to become better at it,the more I tattooed, the better I became at drawing and vice versa, it’s complementary. Tattooing to me is like a training, an apprenticeship to art. I’ve tried different mediums such as oil painting and woodcarving. After a a few years tattooing I wanted to prove myself that I was able to do something different than realism and it’s only about a year ago that I decided to change my style of tattooing. I’ve had met a lot of inspiring people the last few years.

Q: What do you enjoy most about tattooing? Least?
A: The challenges: traveling, meeting new people, learning..Tattooing is a fun job and we are very lucky cause we can afford to live an interesting life traveling the world. But It’s definitely not an easy craft. If you want to improve you gotta work a lot after hours at home. Often sleep deprived, always drawing when your friends are having fun. Being creative every single day is pretty difficult and exhausting to me. Many tattooers will tell you this….And obviously tattooing stuff you don’t want to tattoo cause bills need to be paid. I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t only tattoo stuff I like. Most of the great artists of the past didn’t even live off their art. We’re very lucky.I try to stay humble.

Q; Whom are some of your favorite artists and why?
A: I’ve looked up to many artists since I started as my inspiration has changed over the years. From Jose Lopez, James Spencer Briggs, Carlos Torres, Jess Yen to Emily Rose Murray, Justin Hartman, Sergio Sanchez, Alexander Grim, Alix Ge, Nathan Kostechko, Mimi Delmaire, Richard Smith. I’m a huge Fan of AAron Horkey ‘s illustrations, David D’Andrea, Christoph Mueller, Chris Conn. I love the work of Pino Daeni, an Italian impressionist.

Q: Where and when did you get your first tattoo? Who did it? Tell me about this first ink experience.
A: At the age of 13, I hand poked my finger but let’s say that doesn’t count. I got my first tattoo done when I was living in Venice, I was 19, the guy goes by Chilango. I got an eagle head and feathers with a script ‘Esperanza’.

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Nick Bertioli {E} Tattoo & Fine Artist Feature