Music Review: The Brains Drunk Not Dead

CD Review

Artist: The Brains Drunk Not Dead
Label: Stomp Records

Drunk Not Dead is an unholy collection of mind-bendingly ear-scorching tracks that grab you by the neck, stare straight into your eyes and dare you to fight back. The impossibly fast, tight rhythm section of Pat Kadaver (skins) and Colin The Dead (stand up bass) threaten to push the limits of sanity and safety to the very edge. Rene D La Muerte’s (vox/gretsch) haunting croon sends shivers up the spines of even the most jaded listener while his signature guitar stylings fuse the rockabilly sounds of the 50’s with the intensity of a chainsaw-wielding maniac in a pitch black room full of teenagers. The Brains continue to blur the lines between rockabilly, psycho, punk and rock n’ roll; kicking down genre barriers and demanding undying loyalty at every show they play. Incorporating elements from whatever the hell they feel like, The Brains concoct an irrestible brew of Motorhead-esque ferocity and sexed up latin swagger while adding a pinch of new-wave and a whole lot of booze-fueled punk rock mayhem.

This album displays the bands versatility by far. Some of our favorite tracks include “Pourquoi Me Laisser” a heart-wrenching song sung entirely in French, while “Gato Calavera” is a proper raging Spanish shout out to one of the sickest venues in Mexico. Check them out for yourself at!

Music Review: The Brains – Drunk Not Dead