Mortisha Suicide

Model: Mortisha Suicide
Photos by: Vince Malvaez
Tattoo Artists include: Sick Carlos (Oathe) Hererra & Ivan Ramirez

Q&A With – Mortisha Suicide

{E}: Who got you interested in the tattoo culture?
MS: My Dad was a real estate agent and I would accompany him on buys. One day, I was roaming around and exploring one of the backyards when I discovered piles of tattoo magazines by some trash cans – that was when I picked up my first tattoo magazine ever. Quite fond of my discovery, I began admiring and respecting tattoo culture till i was old enough  to get my own.

{E}: How would you describe your collection of body art?
MS: I am attracted to the classic and timeless look. I would describe some of my tattoos to be classic and traditional.

{E}: What inspires you?
MS: inspiration is interminable, life, love and the beauty of all things. The list goes on.

{E}: Tell us about your first tattoo experience.
MS: First tattoo experience was very spur of the moment. I was out of the house, 18 years old and NO RULES! Although I was nervous, I was thrilled!

{E}: Who are some of your favorite artists? (Like in general)
MS: Nikko Hurtado has incredible work, his use of color is crazy. I recently grew quite fond of his art. Of course, my buddy Taadow Sixnine. His art is amazing, he has so much creativity. He is definitely someone to look up to.

Mortisha Suicide