Mondial du Tatouage 2013 Paris Tattoo Convention

Event Coverage & Photos by Katha

Mondial du Tatouage
Paris Tattoo Convention
March 22 – 24th, 2013

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this Paris event, “Mondial du Tatouage,” for months. This event had been in the making for the thirteen years, the renowned French tattoo artist Tin-tin had decided to reorganize a huge, international show, one that Paris has never ever experienced. The show took place in a part of Paris I wasn’t really familiar with, in a large exhibit hall I had never even heard of. The building was 106 years old and was the general funeral home of Paris. It’s a beautiful building, covered with a glass roof adorning the hall with beautiful natural lighting.

When I arrived, the line of people was huge on both sides of the door. I could smell success, excitement and joy for this exhibition. I was greeted with the buzzing of the machines and a hint of rock’n roll, big screens were broadcasting live artists tattooing next to the big stage. Behind the stage there was a professional photo booth for event photographers. Wow, I was in awe!

There were about 300 of the finest artists from around the world working and displaying their art, 2 levels and in 4 different spaces. The stars of the event were the tattoo artists and their art. No burlesque show, no merchandising shops, no pin up contest, it was a pure manifestation of tattoos only. There were about 2 to 3 tattoo contesta a day and a concert every evening. There was also an art gallery with paintings of Alix Ge and photographs by Julien Lachaussée, as well as a seminar by Bruno Kea. It’s always an extraordinary feeling to walk around such amazing artists such as Filip Leu (Family Iron, Swizerland) with his whole family, Paul Booth, Genko & En (Japan), Luke Atkinson (Germany), Volko and Simone (Realistic Trash Polka,Germany), Robert Hernandez (Spain), Boris (now tattooing in Vienna), Jondix (Spain) …..and so many more, with of course the fine French touch; Jack Ribeiro, AlixGe, StephD, Dimitri, Chimé, Sissou….and my 2 favorite discoveries were Csaba Mullner from Hungary who has an amazing realistic and modern style and Ivana who is working in the Long Beach Outer Limits Tattoo shop at the moment. She has a very colorful and unique style. I could go on talking about each and everyone of them.

You could really feel the sense of luck and happiness amongst the artists and the huge crowd. The event was a huge success, over 15,000 visitors wandered around the stands, the café, the library, there was even a great nursery.

After the 3 fabulous days, everyone was asking when the next show will be. The promoters just announced that there will be a show next year organized by the same dream team in a even bigger, more central location in Paris. It will take place at “La Grande Halle de la Villette “ the 7-9th in March 2014. Come and join the party!

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Mondial du Tatouage 2013 Paris Tattoo Convention