Juan Muniz {E} Artist Feature

by Christina Diaz

Medium: Acrylic on Plexi

Q: Are you self-taught or did you attend a trade school?
A: I attended Collins College in Tempe Arizona and the Art Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: Tell us about your art. How would you describe it?
A: My art is based on the idea “say it simple mean it deep.” It’s created around my simple cartoony characters that while visually simple are portrayed in a deeper message in the world they are in.  I believe that in a room full of a million things you cannot see anything.  Nothing stands out because it get lost in the mix,  in a world that full of media advertising around every corner my work is kinda like a slow motion button.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Seeing or hearing anything that comes from the spirit of creating.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your artwork?
A: My ideas comes from music, movies, poetry, theater, life in it’s self and anything that I may be dealing with at the time but one of the main places is my family especially my two little girls.

Q; Whom are some of your favorite artists and why?
A: Ron English, Banksy, Buff Monster, Warhol, Basquiat among many many others.  The main reason why I love these artist is not only their technical talent but the mentality of what art is and what it could be. With no limitations of what may be done and where art can be displayed.

Q: What are some of your favorite art tools/supplies and why?
A: I love acrylic on plexi.  Since I went to school for animation I love working on a medium that that reminds me of traditional animation.

Q: Discuss the process you go through to create a piece.
A:  They say that artist don’t get paid for their work but for their ideas.  The hardest and easiest thing about my art is the concept of what I am going to paint.  The best pieces that I have done come to me from a quote, a saying, or a line in a song basically from anywhere.  After I get the idea of what I will paint I must sketch it out as soon as possible.  From there I paint it backwards on a sheet of plexi glass with acrylic.  After its done it looks like an animation cell.  I like working on that medium because the finish piece looks super clean super simple and that in its self its a hard thing to do.  In a piece that has very clean perfect lines there is no where to hide any mistakes.

Q: Tell us about your current projects or anything else you’d like to promote.
A: I am very lucky to have many projects in the process from art shows in NY, and 3 in L.A this year one of them include two solo shows. One on June 8th at Flower Pepper gallery in Pasadena and the other solo at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in December.  I also am releasing a resin toy based line on my characters at DesignerCon In November.  I currently show full time in Las Vegas atWyland gallery inside the Venitian Casino and Goddard gallery Inside Planet Hollywood.

Vist Juan Muniz at Facebook.com/frijolboyart

Juan Muniz {E} Artist Feature