Jesse Smith Tattoo Picks his Top 10 Most Influential Artists

Jesse Smith Tattoo

Tattoo Artist, Jesse Smith shares the “Top 10 Most Influential Artists'” on his style:

1)  Greg “Croala” Simkins:  Not only for paving the way for us character driven artists, but for also being such a great guy.  Greg has opened my mind  up a bit more and allowed me to feel confident in decisions I make in my art.   

2)  Gunnar:  The way he captivates a, not so cute, situation in a cute way. 

3)  Tim Biedron: His bent perspectives on his characters as well as his original color combinations have really made me feel comfortable with the fact that I like to place eyes in places where they don’t belong.

4) Joe Sorren:  There are no boundaries with Joe.  If he feels like stretching one arm out longer than the other or squishing a face in the middle of a big head, he’ll do it.  All while capturing a rather innocent feel.  All his creatures/characters seemed deformed, but they carry themselves with confidence as if they aren’t concerned about how people view them.

5)  Jason Stephan:  Aside from being one of my best friends, Jason’s attention to detail and overall precision are unmatched. Not only is he an inspirational artist, but he’s also one of the realest people I know. Whenever I have questioned myself as an artist/tattoo artist Jason has been there to encourage me and keep my head straight.  All of his goofy characters reflect his personality and he is one of the most solid artists that I know.

6)  Jime Litwalk:  He’s an ultra clean artist with an uber cute style.  I’ve always been a sucker for simplicity.
7)  Tony Ciavarro Tony inspires me on many levels.  Of course his art is precise and super clean, but his work ethic and business sense is impeccable.  And to top it all off he is probably one of the most humble artists I know.

8)  Michael Hussar A super talented individual who captures the true essence of evil in all of his paintings.  His stylized realism is something that I aspire to add to my art.

9)  Scribe:  Scribe creates these imaginary worlds/scenarios that at first glance seem to be kinda meaningless to the viewer, but as you look deeper, you see that the characters are extremely consumed by their situation.  It’s kind of like a simple version of your everyday battles. His simplistic style, along with his ambitious ideas, have inspired the direction in which I have gone with my art.
10) Toast:  Ever since I started following his work back in ’95, this guy has kept me in awe.  Everything he does is just mind blowing.  His attention to light source and his ability to tweak just about anything, have truly laid a foundation in my mind on how to create an innovative character.

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Jesse Smith Tattoo Picks his Top 10 Most Influential Artists