Jennifer Korsen {E} Artist Feature

by Christina Diaz

Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Korsen

I met fine artist Jennifer Korsen on First Friday at a small show in Ventura at Stoneworks Studios years ago. I had seen her work before and had quickly admired her style and hustle. The gallery owner, Michele Chapin introduced us and we’ve been great friends ever since. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jennifer develop her own style and voice, inevitably creating her own nitche in LA’s massive art scene. Just goes to show that Jennifer is a touch cookie and her passion to create and determination to succeed is paying off for her.

Earlier this year, Jennifer was one of the 20 artists chosen for the Red Bull’s Canvas Cooler Project 2014. They choose 20 artists in 20 U.S. cities to paint and alter a cooler that had been wrapped in canvas. She’s also been featured in an art show in Frankfurt, Germany – where 4 artists from LA were chosen for an exhibit on LA Art. Her art was chosen for the event poster for that show. She’s also exhibited her work at Copro Gallery, LAB Art, and is a resident artist at the Hive Gallery in LA.

Southern California native, Jennifer has always been creative. She remembers that as a kid she “use to make these weird little art projects, I did a lot of stuff with freezers and fridges, like wax from the Baby Bell cheese in my lunch and I would sculpt little animals and mermaids out of them, and sometimes put beads in them and I’d have to hid them in the fridge so they didn’t melt.”

Growing up, her immediate family wasn’t artistic and didn’t really catch on to Jennifer’s interesting yet crafty projects. “I had an Aunt who was a sculptor, art wasn’t important or encouraged in my immediate family, I would color with crayons and markers and stuff but no one really pushed me.” In high school, Jennifer took one art class, some random class in her sophomore year. Then in college she took a couple more that really changed her perspective and taught her about technique and skill. She also took a painting class at CSUN too. Jennifer admits, “I was lucky to have teachers who were very encouraging to think outside the box and try new things with my art.”

Her “anatomical hearts” have become a staple in her work. She’s become known for them. The hearts are charming and memorable, colorful and inspiring. “The hearts are kind of a template for whatever I am trying to get across. It just kind of depends on the person.”

“Outside of the box” is one way to describe Jennifer’s artwork. In our interview, when I asked her to describe her work, she said, “it’s all over the place.” I do a ton of different stuff, with different mediums everyday. The other day, I painted a mural and then I came home and did some mixed media work. I keep getting these Scientology magazines that we keep getting so I started drawing in them and that’s going to turn into a series of portraits. I’m pretty much constantly drawing.” Her inspiration comes from “lots of medical stuff I saw when I was a kid. I am constantly digesting visual information. I never get sick of drawing interior anatomy.”

So many mediums, so little time. Jennifer really enjoys working with spray paint because she can work large and fast. Wood-working has also become one of her favorite mediums and the multi-dimensional work that can be achieved through it. “There’s something rewarding about painting on such a large scale. I switch mediums like multiple times a day.”

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Jennifer Korsen {E} Artist Feature