Ian Robert McKown’s “Light and Shadow: Monochromatic and Value Based Approaches in Oil, Charcoal, and Ink” Reference Book Review

Released last March tattooer Ian Robert McKown‘s “Light and Shadow”  book has been more than well received by the art community. To date Ian’s sold approximately 1400 copies in 36 countries. He says he was hoping to impart a way  for tattooers to practice what he considers to be a fundamental aspect of art: value.  Ian states, “So often it can be overlooked in a design or composition, or worse yet, entirely misunderstood. So with 6 full tutorials and some of the guiding principles behind the approach I hope to help as many people I could to become stronger artists and by extension make for a stronger, more capable tattoo community.”

Guy Aitchison writes:

Ian McKown is a tattooist who specializes in black and gray, and is highly fluent in a number of other media which he demonstrates in this book in a clear step-by-step style. One of his key strengths is in how he breaks the dark and light structure of an image down to its essentials, making for art pieces that are both bold and subtle in a way that would translate very nicely onto skin. Light And Shadow is a great place to start for anyone wanting to explore a second medium, or for artists looking to give their work more strength, clarity and realism in all media. After a discussion of optimizing the use of dark and light, demonstrations are given first in charcoal and other dry mediums, then in ink and then oil paint, showing both drybrushing and opaque applications, two different but complimentary painting methods. It’s a powerhouse of a book, loaded with useful information.”

Ian’s next project is my DVD “Painting a Rose from Reference in Oils” is due out next month.  It takes the viewers through a start to finish, full color painting of a rose in oils.

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Ian Robert McKown’s “Light and Shadow” Reference Book Review