Book Review: Atrum Secretum – 13 Years of Hidden Truths

by Christina Diaz

Artist/Author: Gris Grimly

Atrum Secretum

Over the past 13 years, Gris Grimly has cultivated a reputation as one of his generation’s most likable purveyors of sinister art. As an author and illustrator of creepy kids books, a fiendish fine artist, an alternative apparel designer, and a cult filmmaker, Grimly has built a loyal following of adult and young adult fans. And while those fans may be very familiar with his multi-faceted talents, they have never had an opportunity to see his most personal and private sketches… until now. In Grimly’s own words, “Atrum Secretum is the first ever collection of my most demented, explicit and insane ideas that I’ve kept confined to private sketchbooks. These are very personal and vulnerable scribbles, but I feel that it is time to release these dark secrets to the public.”

Limited to 3000 copies, 240 Pages, Hardcover.
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Book Review: Atrum Secretum – 13 Years of Hidden Truths