Domantas Parvainis Featured Artist

by Christina Diaz

Domantas Parvainis Tattooer & Artist Q&A with {E-VOLVED}
{E}: Were you artistic as a child?
DP: Yes, I was very interested in all kinds of arts when I was a child, but mostly in sculpting small sculptures and redrawing postcards. Shortly after that, I attended art school and my attention and focus gravitated towards drawing instead of sculpting.

{E}: Are you self-taught or did you attend a trade school?
DP: I attended junior art school. After art school graduation I had a hiatus, which lasted for about 4-5 years, meanwhile I was doing some sports, mostly skateboarding. When I turned 20 I somehow felt that I needed to draw again, after a couple of years I got into tattooing by an accident.

{E}: How would you describe your artwork?
DP: It’s hard to put any kind of genre on your own work, but I would like it to appear as surreal art with a realistic, twisted touch.

{E}: Tell us about the first tattoo you performed.
DP: I will never forget my first tattoo. A friend of mine asked me to try to do some small “sh*t” on his calf, I though he asked for something small and simple, but later it turned out, he literally asked for a pile of sh*t, with some flies floating above, resulting in more rich composition.

{E}: What inspires you?
DP: Hard to tell, but of course everything that keeps my attention. I like all kinds of art, even though I wouldn’t try to do it myself. But I’m amazed mostly by oil painting, water color art, and graffiti art, all kinds of photography, sculpting, music, movies and of course tattooing, which constitutes pretty much everything art wise.

{E}: Who are some of your favorite artists?
DP: There are tons of great artists around nowadays, doing a great job. Sure, I’m tremendously inspired by classic painters, graffiti, especially for the fact they had to invent the craft and then let it grow.

Tattooing is a very wide and versatile genre. It’s hard to name and point out one or name a few artists but definitely Den Yakovlev, Dmitriy Samohin. I also enjoy Japanese, traditional, new traditional and every one of the innovative styles that have evolved the community. Every tattoo is done with such passion and love and always evokes a certain feeling, which is great.

{E}: What are some of your favorite art tools?
DP: I love classic pencil drawing and digital painting. I would love to begin oil painting, since it’s, in my opinion, the most advanced and esoteric thing to do. Also it helps you not to only rethink your techniques and widens the color palette, but also helps change up tattooing habits and strikes to the very foundation of tattooing.

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Domantas Parvainis Featured Artist