Chet Zars “Ego Death” & Nikko Hurtados “Renati” {E}vent Feature

by Christina Diaz

Photography by Michele Muerte

The art community was treated to a double-solo exhibition by Chet and Nikko this past October at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Each of them encompass phenomenal skills from multiple mediums so I was intrigued to see such a large body of work on display. Each artist had done a spectacular job promoting the event, the consistent Instagram work in progress photos were captivating and tormenting all at the same time – there was no way I was going to miss this show!

Each assemblage adhered to a theme chosen by the artists. Chet’s work, “Ego Death” – a funeral for the ego – is a collection of paintings, sculptures, including his custom framing as featured in this month’s Step by Step – were meant to represent various aspects of the Ego and served as metaphors for the human struggle to get beyond them. Nikko’s collection was titled “Renati” latin for reborn. The exhibition representing a rebirth into a new artistic direction as a fine artist. His body of work focused on color portraiture, oil on wood. It was an exciting evening for the art community – two artists, two worlds, multiple mediums – colliding!

Chet Zars – Ego Death & Nikko Hurtados – Renati {E}vent Feature