Chad Pierce {E} Artist Feature

by Christina Diaz

Medium: Oil

Born in Modesto, California in 1980. Fine artist, Chad Pierce was raised in northern California. A full time painter for over 10 years, Chad began using oils and over the years has dabbled with a variety of mediums, but definitely prefers oil paint. His typical day consists of painting and lots of it. If you follow him on Instragram, he’s a painting machine. He is usually working on 5 different pieces at once in in different stages of the process. Chad candidly admits, “I really enjoy the freedom and creativity of being a painter it has been an exciting experience.”

{E}: Were you artistic as a child?
CP: Yes, I was drawing at an early age. I had a natural fascination for insects, reptiles, and amphibians. I still have one of my first drawings I did when I was three it was a drawing of a tad pole.

{E}: Are you self-taught or did you attend a trade school?
CP: Both I was always drawing and interested in art for the fun of it. Skateboarding was a big influence. The graphics and graffiti I was exposed to really inspired me. It wasn’t until I took my first real art classes that I realized I could do this for a career. I took as many art classes as I could from Modesto Junior college.

{E}: Tell me about your art. How would you describe it?
CP: I clutch to the tradition of oil painting and realism. Recently my work has been becoming more and more representational. My focus on realism reflects the use of photography and paint to represent everyday objects. By isolating these objects remove it from its function. It is interesting how the meaning develops through this process.

{E}: What inspires you?
CP: I am constantly being inspired. In the line at the grocery store, I saw some plastic dollar squirt guns and now I’m painting similar objects which has turned into a series of still life paintings. Music, art and everyday experiences are big influences. Expressing these personal things often grows into a more meaningful purpose than I initially intended in the beginning.

{E} Whom are some of your favorite artists how have they influenced your work? 
CP: My paintings have been influenced by early master’s works, contemporary artists and realist painters. Some of my favorite painters are emerging artists still developing their style and trying to make their mark.

{E}: What are some of your favorite art tools and why?
CP: The paint I use is M. Graham oil paint. I love the consistency of the paint and natural color. It mixes really well and has amazing control. Trekell Art Brushes are number one in my arsenal. I use the Golden Taklon series. Their flat brushes are excellent they are versatile allowing for precise details as well as loose painterly brush marks.

{E}: Tell me about your first ink experience.
CP: My first ink experience was when I was living in Venice California. I went to a bunch of tattoo shops on Venice Beach, looked through portfolios, found an artist I liked and got a tattoo. It is one thing I would like to learn how to do one day.

You can find Chad on Instagram @chadpierce

Chad Pierce {E} Artist Feature