Billy The Human Billboard Tattoo Removal

by Christina Diaz

Porn Sites are Paying to Have Tattoos Removed from Hostgator’s Face. Hostgator Dotcom – Name ring a bell? How about the name Billy the human Billboard? How can you forget it right?! Born with the name Billy Gibby, the former Anchorage, Alaska boxer has held the Guinness World Record for corporate logos tattooed on a human body.

It all began when Billy’s childhood friend needed a kidney transplant in order to live. Billy the Billboard was born. Billy was willing to donate a kidney to but that’s an expensive process so he devised a plan to raise money to save his friend’s life.

 He noticed that as a boxer you’re paid to advertise a company on trunks, hats, shirts, etc. So he figured why not sell his skin as real estate in exchange for raising money and awareness for organ donation and to help with the costs of raising a family. Brilliant idea, right? (I am layering the sarcasm on pretty thick; I hope you can sense that.)

In 2009, Billy The Human Billboard advertised the following prices:
That’s a lifetime advertisement. The price of getting the tattoo is included in that.
• Get a 6” by 1” tattoo advertisement on my Chest for $ 3,000.00

• Get a 4” by 1” tattoo advertisement on my chest for $2,200.00.

• Get a 6” by 1” tattoo advertisement on my arm for $3,000.00

• Get a 6” by 1” tattoo advertisement on the back of my head for $12,000

• Get a 6” by 1” tattoo advertisement on my forehead for $20,000

• Get a tattoo on my cheek for $15,000

The Human Billboard quickly became an internet and an advertising sensation. Selling his skin to night clubs, casinos, nutrition companies, adult entertainment companies and a webhosting company named

Wait, it gets better.

Shortly after he sold his identity in exchange for some green and legally changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom.

Out of the limelight for some time, Billy the Billboard is making headlines again., a porn company, initially paid Billy the Billboard to tattoo their logo on his face is now paying him to have it removed. In an interview with VICE Magazine, Hostgator stated, “they said that they appreciate me advertising for them, but that if I don’t want them anymore, then they’re happy to remove them.” He continued to say that he and his wife are excited about the removal, “I’m excited to get a better job and move on with my life.”

So what’s next for Hostgator? 
“I’m planning on selling advertising space for my funeral. I plan on living for a long time, but I thought it would be funny to have a funeral entirely sponsored by websites.”

Pure idiocy at its best.

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Billy The Human Billboard Tattoo Removal