Belin Artist – True or False Superheroes {E}vent Coverage

by Wonderland Gallery

Belin Artist
Location: Wonderland Gallery

The team at {E} was invited to join in the Opening Reception for the Spanish Artist Belin Know for his Detailed murals.

Last Friday night, May 3rd, {E} was lucky enough to catch up with famed Spanish street artist BELIN at his solo show, Superheroes at Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery in Los Angeles, California. With the help of Mauricio Tadashi translating for us (Thanks Mauricio!) we got some insight behind the shows overall message.

{E}: What inspired you to do this Larger than Life installation Superheroes theme?
 Where I live the economy is terrible and sometimes you need to be a superhero whether you want to or not. When you don’t have any money and you need to feed your family you’ll figure out a way to do it. Mother’s and Father’s are superheroes to their children. Everyone has masks on their skin like a tattoo [in his paintings]. I wanted to paint them on their faces in such a way that it resembles a tattoo, because we are all the same until we need to hustle, then we become superheroes and our mask appears.

{E}: Tell us more about these 3D characters.
 The 3D characters are kind of like a game that I created. I want my audience to ask themselves, ‘Are they good guys or bad guys?’ It’s open to interpretation.

{E}: You have done so many types of different types of work here, did you go to an art school or has your talent naturally e-volved?
A: No, I have never been to an art school. I have been painting graffiti for many years and it has e-volved naturally. My first graffiti was just a scribble drawing (laughs). I just had the urge to create things so I sat down and made them. My art has just come natural to me over time.

Kat VonD’s Wonderland Gallery
1257 N. La Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90038

Visit Belin Online at: For more from Belin Artist and Videos

Belin Artist – True or False Superheroes {E}vent Coverage