Bearcat Tattoo Gallery {E} Shop Feature

by Christina Diaz

I had the chance to catch up with tattooist Sierra Colt about her crew at The Bearcat Tattoo Gallery in San Diego, California! Their shop is an old house built in 1906. They went in and renovated the entire space to have a wide-open feel as well as keeping the character of the building. We’re located in the Art and Design area of Little Italy San Diego. The shop is decidedly located amongst local San Diegan fine artists and sculptors.

Sierra says, “Our shop is truly our 2nd home.  Everyday we graciously invite our customers to feel welcomed.  We always have Japanese tea and coffee as well as a customer snack bar to keep the energy up.  Besides the little sting tattooing, should be a relaxing creative process.  We built Bearcat Tattoo Gallery to take the tattoo experience to a new level.”

Keep reading to learn a bit more about these artistic beasts!

{E}: What’s the shops overall mission?
BCT: Our goal is to create a creative work environment as well as grouping together some amazing artists to push and inspire each other.  The desire to be a part of something that makes an impact is the reason for this shop.  But in the end our shop is a fun and welcoming place where customers get cool tattoos.

{E}: Tell us about the artists at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery.
BCT: The artists all are an important contribution to the shop. Each one is amazing in their own style.  I (Sierra Colt) work along side Alonzo Villa, Chad Whitson, Nate Anderson, and Elvis. We are truly a family who cares about each other and wants to see each other grow and succeed.

{E}: Tell me about the meaning behind the shop name.
BCT: The Bearcat has become near and dear to all of our hearts.  This Asian beast has generated many stories of mystery and adventure.  When creating the space the obvious names were already taken and quite over used.  The unique name of Bearcat seemed to rise quickly to the top of the list and through a dream-like vision of clarity we became Bearcat Tattoo Gallery.

{E}: Tell us what you love about this industry.
BCT: Our industry allows us to come to work every day and be creative and engaging with other artists and creative customers.  We are allowed many freedoms unlike any other job.  It fulfills our artistic drive while providing for our families.

{E}: Can you share a about the local art community in San Diego?
BCT: Our local art community is a huge inspiration to us. Our shop is set right in the middle of amazing art studios, architectural stores as well as breweries and restaurants; Truly an artistic paradise of sorts.

{E}: Does the shop specialize in a certain style of work?
BCT: All the artists here are driven by beautiful color work. We definitely have a lot of photorealism as well as Japanese influences. A few Star Wars nerds (Alonzo Villa) as well as Sweet Baby Matt Heinz who is ‘all traditional all the time.’

{E}: Where does Bearcat Tattoo draw some of its inspiration from?
BCT: Every day we have more inspired ideas than were able to produce.  Some of the guys get inspired by the ocean and their kids.  Others need and full on metal music blasting to get invigorated.  Maybe a fuzzy kitty or a shot of J-Mo.  You never know what sparks an idea.  Even some good ramen noodles can be the truest source of inspiration.

{E}: Shop traditions?
BCT: “Fernet Burpies”  Stop by and we will show you. Ring the bell!

{E}: Shop motto?
BCT: Roooaaawr Meow!

Bearcat Tattoo Gallery
2419 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 269-2979
Instagram @bearcattattoogallery

Bearcat Tattoo Gallery {E} Shop Feature